Equipping two Innovation Hubs


Mrs. Erinda Papa, Vice Rector for Science and Research,

Mrs. Majlinda Bello, Vice Rector for Learning Issues,

Mr. Stilian Doraci, Administrative and Support Staff, EPD.

Main purpose: Office equipment delivery to “Fan S. Noli” University of Korçë 

The importance of meeting stood at: Total refurbishment of the Innovation Hub in Korçë.

During this meeting all provided equipments were delivered. Concretely, in accordance with budget justification, were delivered these equipments as below:

  • 2 laptops
  • 1 printer/scanner
  • 1 projector
  • 1 whiteboard

Also, visibility stickers were introduced in every furniture, as well as, office equipments. Including the latter, the Innovation Hub in Korçë is considered to be fully furbished. 

Next step:

This meeting precedes to next round table with working group and other university members for upcoming Project Activity 3.1.3: Selecting and training of two staff members for CBC Innovation Hubs for provision of services.