This training was hosted by Mrs. Manuela Meçe, serving as Capacity Building expert and the Intellectual Property expert Mrs. Albana Laknori. Mrs Mece introduced a whole description on “Innovation management”. This one is also the second training module prepared by Mrs. Meçe. 

This training was hosted and leaded by Ms. Manuela Meçe, serving as Capacity Building expert. She introduced a whole description on “Innovation capacities and management”. This one is also the first training module with students, prepared by Mrs. Meçe. It was first training on behalf of this project, with a moderate participation of students from different fields, and two just graduated doctors. 

This meeting has been held at the “Fan S. Noli” University of Korçë premises. Mr. Dume opened the meeting stating sub grant applications as the most significant part of this Project. Mr. Stefanllari emphasized also, focusing in evaluation criterias and three month pilot projects. Moreover he said that evaluation process should strictly follow the approved criterias in sub granting instructions/guidelines. 

The Fund for innovations and technology development officially opened the Innovation Hub, within the Faculty of tourism and hospitality in Ohrid. At the same event, the public call for sub-granting newly established enterprises “start-up” and “spin-of” from the South-West region was officially published. 

Speakers of the event were the Director of the Fund, Mr. Jovan Despotovski and the Rector of the “St. Kliment Ohridski” University – Bitola, prof. dr. Saso Korunovski. 

On this day, at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Ohrid, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the University “St. Kliment Ohridski “in Ohrid and” Fan S. Noli “University in Korca as a symbol of officially starting the cooperation between universities related to the newly established Innovation Hubs. 

The importance of meeting stood at: 

  • Discussions on the Innovation Hub full operation
  • Sub-Granting and “Calls for Proposals 
  • Setting up the date for MoU signing 

On January 25, 2019 at the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism in Ohrid, a stakeholders meeting was held with the aim of implementing the recommendations from the analysis of the innovation potential in the area and strengthening the communication among the stakeholders. At the meeting, the project results were presented as well as planned activities from which the opening of the Innovation HUB was highlighted. The opportunities offered by the same were promoted in detail for all stakeholders, in particular:

Main purpose: Training staff for innovation hub future well functioning 

The importance of meeting stood at: Staff selection criterias, additional and provisional services 

Main purpose: Office equipment delivery to “Fan S. Noli” University of Korçë 

The importance of meeting stood at: Total refurbishment of the Innovation Hub in Korçë.

On behalf of “Innovation Eco-System in the CBC area” Project the fourth meeting between EuroPartners Development, National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation and “Fan S. Noli University of Korçë” on May 25th 2018.

The importance stood at: Establish Working Group for Innovation, Innovation Hub future and strategic aspects.