Inception Meeting 2

On behalf of “Innovation Eco-System in the CBC area” the third meeting has been organized. With participation of EuroPartners Development, National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation,“Fan S. Noli University of Korçë and, other invited stakeholders this meeting was held on April 3rd 2018 in Korçë. 

The main importance stood at Woking Group Establishment. 

Some of questions on behalf of working group was mentioned members forming an organizative structure, their duties, meeting frequency, as well as, synergies to other similar projects, and even though staff training. 

The last part of this meeting was Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signment.

At the end, main representatives from University of Korçë, NASRI and EPD agreed to sign and seal the Memorandum of Understanding which it was considered as the most important of this meeting. The latter, precedes to the signment of the other Memorandum of Understanding between two universities.