Kick Off Meeting

On behalf of the Project “Innovation Eco-System in the CBC area” funded by the European Commission and represented by the European Union Delegation in Skopje, the first meeting was held on February 5th 2018, in Ohrid, with participation of EuroPartners Development, National Agency for Research and Innovation from the Albanian side, and Fund for Innovation and Technology Development, and National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning from the Macedonian side. The project aims at enhancing competitiveness, business, trade and investment. 

The meeting discussed the main milestones of the project document and the focus remained at the establishment of the innovation hubs. To this purpose, a initial action will be undertaken to sign an agreement between two beneficiaries that are “Fan S. Noli University of Korçë”, “St. Paul the Apostle University of Ohrid”. The agreement stipulates certain duties and rights among partners which will facilitate the operation of the innovation hubs.  The latter will contribute to the local economic development, student exchanges within pilot curricula, and pave the foundation for boosting new innovative ideas. The to-be-created working groups will provide ideas on the development of the media campaign starting, from publicity consisting in TV advertisement and two complementary event among CBC areas. The innovation hub shall be anticipate three studies:

  • Performing one meta-analysis on present innovation status and studies in Albania and Macedonia
  • Conduct one research on innovation potential in the CBC area on Albanian side
  • Produce one feasibility study for establishing CBC innovation hubs in target areas 

Finally project hub implementation and Demo Days were the last theme. On next step, will be discussed planned results, Working Group Establishment, procurement rules, and Partnership Agreement.