Inception Meeting Korca

On behalf of “Innovation Eco-System in the CBC area” Project, a second meeting was held today on March 8th 2018, at “Fan S. Noli University of Korçë”. Main purpose was Inducing researches on innovation potential and application of national innovation strategies.

Firstly, a short presentation of the Project was introduced to university representatives. Then, main discussion topics were collaboration between two educational institutes, innovation potential, Working Group and staff selection. 

Another important part of this meeting was Memorandum of Understanding mentioning partners obligations, financial issues and stakeholder role in innovation development. 

A web page will be developed as an sublink of University of Korça official website. The latter may serve not even informatics students, but also university professors, business representatives, governmental units, and any other education institutions sharing innovative ideas or giving their opinion during project implementation, because it will increase innovation capacities at target level. 

Memorandum of Understanding signment, Innovation Hub refurbishment, will be next meeting discussions.